Eating Healthy & Saving Money While Dining Out

Although it is healthier and better for your wallet to cook at home, sometimes you just want a night out.  No worries, you can still save calories and money.

Keeping Up, Keeping It Off is an informative blog with 10 tips to eating healthy while dining out.  Here are my favorite tips:

1.       Choose Water Over Soft Drinks

Tap water is free and has zero calories.  You can ask for lemon slices to give it more flavor.

2.       Choose “Smaller Sized Plate” Options

Portions at restaurants are almost always larger than the recommended serving sizes, so always get the smallest size available.  You should even ask for lunch portions at dinner.  If smaller portions are not available, split a meal with a friend.

3.       Take Half Your Meal Home

Leftovers save you lunch money the next day.  As soon as you get your meal, ask for a to-go container and put half of your meal away.  This way you’re not tempted to eat more at the table.

For the complete list of tips, make sure you click here10 tips screenshot.

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